About Us


PT. Adhi Pradana Makayasa is one  of the  IT  company entities in indonesia   which  specializing   focused  in  providing  service  of  IT system solution,  IT consultant and wireless solution. Established since 2010 but has been becoming an IT field  based  focused  company since  before  2007.  Supported  by  the  team  of  strong  leadership management   and   experienced   technician,  we are capable to bring   appropriate      solution    for  the  infrastructure  building,  the content and the implementation of IT system.

As an IT system solution company, Makayasa priority today is to fulfill the needs of private and individual service business. We committed to help them growth as the needs of IT system has become their main and important aspect. The empowerment of IT system as a total solution in increasing the organization performance, is very useful to increase the company work productivity. This will help the organization to determine the company step of policy.


  • Ensure the development of the new system is applicable integrated to the existing system.
  • Provide the better investment protection by ensured the system is easy to develop and rebuilt according to the organization desire.  
  • Improve management capabilities by providing greater opportunities to reuse the system components, which OUR facilitate customers to reduce the administration and investment costs, and which ultimately reduces overall costs of maintenance and investment.
  • Provide the totality of program q uality, service q uality and contribution q uality to each customer.

Our Clients

MCTPORT (Marunda Center Terminal)

PT. Sungai Budi


Hotel & Resto Pendopo45

PT. Radio Fajar Imani

Jadul Village Resort & Spa

PT. Namiro Multisarana

STIE Dewantara

Deleuit Ageung

Bogor Centre School